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Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, Inc

The first Goodwill to install and use Solutions POS was Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, Inc. (GIMV-Frederick, MD). It was an exciting morning for Solutions and an anticipated morning for GIMV. The software was installed on the registers the previous evening, and Wayne Hatcher, the Director of Retail Operations for GIMV, walked the sales staff through the basics of how to use the system. It was the first time Solutions had any contact with actual Goodwill employees. Goodwill does a tremendous job of helping people overcome hurdles so they can work and become productive members of society. One of these individuals was an autistic gentleman, and he would be the very first end-user for Solutions POS. It was not quite what Solutions had in mind when designing the software.

Change is always difficult. Some of the employees we have encountered over the years have felt threatened by Solutions POS. "It is a new computer system. It is something new to learn. Maybe it will be too complicated." These were some of the sentiments being expressed by the retail staff that morning.

As the morning progressed, the training opportunities began to lessen, and both sales people using the software began to get into a rhythm. Everyone's nerves began to loosen, and it seemed that things would go well. Then came shift change. It was one thing to be able to ring sales. It was quite another to ring them accurately. This was the moment of truth. The first sales person, the autistic gentleman  mentioned earlier, counted his drawer and entered his figures into the application's balance screen. When the Over/Short report was pulled to see how close his figures were to what the system "thought"  should be in the drawer, it was found that he and the system agreed to the penny.

Here was an individual who was a little apprehensive about using this new system, and he was able to balance perfectly his first time using the system. It was a joy to see the apprehension melt away and the look of confidence take its place.

Since that time, Solutions POS has helped GIMV save time and money because of its intuitive design. Before Solutions POS was installed, it took an average of 2 weeks for a new sales person to be productive. They had to learn the pricing for each item, what items were being discounted, who received discounts, calculate the discounts, determine which customers were tax-free and so on. While they were learning these things, the lines at the register continued to grow. After installing Solutions POS, GIMV has reported that it takes about 4 hours for a new sales person to be productive. 4 hours! The system automates much of the functionality giving individuals the opportunity to be productive at their new jobs their very, first day and saving GIMV a lot of money in training and pricing discrepancies.


Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, Inc

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, Inc. (GWISR-Columbus,GA) had been using Solutions POS for several years when they came to us asking for help. Apparently, they had an employee who was performing more returns than normal. GWISR asked us if there was any way they could track this activity. Our response was that Solutions POS was already tracking it. Together, we looked at the audit log and were able to see instances where this employee had rung several returns within a couple minutes (far too fast). GWISR was able to retrieve the transaction id's from the log and generate a report proving the fraud. When confronted with this report, the employee had no choice but to confess. They also did something quite unexpected. They let it be known that this was a practice that was common among more of the employees at the store!

No one likes to have theft in their organization. Not knowing about it is not the same as not having it. Solutions POS helped GWISR spot the fraud, prove it existed and helped to root out those responsible. Not bad for a day's work.