The Future of Reporting (Donated Goods Management)

The Future of Reporting (Donated Goods Management)

Reporting is vital to running a successful business. Through reporting, executives identify problems and forecast results. But we’ve noticed a disturbing trend. In conversations with Goodwill executives across the country, we’ve learned that many executives employ a full-time report writer and still have to wait up to two weeks to receive some reports about their stores.

What if you could receive real-time reports from all your stores on a single dashboard? Here are a few things we think you could do:

Identify training opportunities

With real-time reporting, it’s easy to see which employees might need extra training or help. It’s also easy to identify and praise top performers. Leverage data to empower success and build a cohesive team.

Make data-based decisions

“I don’t know.” How many times a day do you hear that? From Goodwill executives, we’ve learned that it’s a struggle to get clear answers, especially based on data. If you’re stuck waiting days for the numbers, you often have no other choice but to make the best decision you can flying blind. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can know—within minutes—exactly which products aren’t selling well. Exactly how much an individual store is selling. Exactly what salvage is costing you. Stop hearing “I don’t know.”

Stop looking back

If you have to wait days or weeks for reports, then implement changes, wait for results, and adjust your strategy, it can take months to fix a problem or improve results. When you’re always two weeks behind, you’re fighting a losing battle. With real-time numbers, you can deal with problems as they happen. Make immediate changes, see immediate results.

Get real-time data

Real-time data in one place isn’t a dream. Solutions Dashboard allows customizable reporting from any department. Imagine viewing daily sales from retail, monthly donations from marketing, budget analysis from accounting, and annual reports from operations all in the same place.

Solutions Dashboard is part of the leading donated goods management system designed specifically for Goodwill. Goodwill Industries across the country use Solutions’ products to empower success and support the Goodwill mission.

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