Donation KIOSK


Donations are the heart of any Goodwill, and you only get one chance to make donating a good experience for your donors. Traditionally, donors have had to drive up, wait in line, unload their vehicle, find an employee, explain what they are donating and wait for a receipt. This takes up their time and the time of employees, and no meaningful relationship has been forged.

What if you could make the experience more pleasant, enjoyable? What if your donors found that donating was so easy, they would make your Goodwill their donation center?

Introducing Solutions Donation KIOSK, a self-service donation center that will make donating a snap. Donors can hand their donations to an employee, walk up to the KIOSK, enter their information and walk away with a receipt. All this with little or no employee intervention.

Best of all, when donors use the KIOSK, you are left with their address and contact information. In short, you are left with a database full of marketing information for donors who are already familiar with Goodwill and sensitive to Goodwill’s mission.

Donation and marketing made easy...what more could you want?