Taking the mystery out of inventory

Do you know how much inventory you have on hand? Do you know how quickly inventory flows through your organization? Are you able to forecast sales and need?

Would you like to?

Inventory carries some of the greatest potential for any organization; and yet, it also carries some of the greatest expense. Managing your inventory is mandatory for survival.

Solutions ITW helps organizations track and manage their donated goods inventory through its Production and POS applications. Solutions Production enables processors to quickly record donated goods and even print barcode labels if needed. Its powerful tracking algorithm empowers organizations to individually track the flow of each donated good from Production to Sales or Pull. This allows for much finer reporting on sell-through rates, production efficiency, employee productivity, inventory loss, and on and on.

When a donated good is produced, the inventory data is available to Solutions POS. Every good that is sold is then reported back to the centralized server, and managers are able to see real-time updates to their current inventory levels and metrics.

From start to finish, Solutions Production and Solutions POS help ensure your inventory is never a mystery.