Solutions POS provides high-volume capabilities with ease-of-use design. Users can scan barcodes or select SKU’s by category, make changes to price or quantity, enter payment and be done in a minimal amount of time. What's more, Solutions POS is Goodwill-ready right out of the box. This means that Solutions POS can manage Color Rotations, Donations, Donors, Production, "Good, Better, Best" and more without any customization made to the product. It's already there.

Back-office users have the ability to produce detailed reports tracking Sales, Taxes, Production, Donations and Loss Prevention among other things.

Combine the simple entry with detail reporting, and you have a retail management system that meets the needs of both Cashiers and Back-Office users.

Solutions POS was designed with Loss Prevention in mind. Customizable, function-level security ensures that users only have access to the areas they need. In addition, security settings can be set to require a Manager’s Override for certain functions (i.e. Returns, Price Change, Open Drawer on No-Sale, etc.), all the while, creating an audit trail of activity.

Pricing is also designed with Goodwill in mind. The software is sold at an affordable price by store regardless of the current or future number of registers.