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Tech That
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Our comprehensive Donated Goods Management System is designed specifically for Goodwill stores. From donations to reporting, you can track profitability and make real-time operational adjustments.

Donation KIOSK

Donations & marketing made easy.

Our self-service donation center makes donating a snap. Donors hand their donations to an employee, enter their information in the KIOSK, and walk away with a receipt. The KIOSK records donor contact information, so you get a ready-made database of donors.

POS System

Ease of use from register to report.

Solutions POS combines high-volume capabilities with ease-of-use design. It’s Goodwill-ready right out of the box—no pecky customization necessary. Back-office users have the ability to produce detailed reports tracking Sales, Taxes, Production, Donations, Loss Prevention, and more!


All the data in 1 place.

With customizable reporting from any data source, Solutions Dashboard allows organizations to see data from multiple sources and departments. Imagine being able to view daily sales from retail, monthly donations from marketing, budget analysis from accounting, and annual reports from operations all in the same place. You own the data—we’ll never hold you hostage.


Tracking from back door to floor.

Solutions Production enables processors to quickly record donated goods and print barcode labels. Its powerful algorithm empowers organizations to individually track the flow of each donated good from Production to Sales or Pull. This allows for much finer reporting on sell-through rates, production efficiency, employee productivity, inventory loss, and so much more. If Solutions Production & POS are used together, managers are able to see real-time updates to their current inventory levels and metrics.

Inventory Management

Track, analyze, and forecast.

With our comprehensive Inventory Management system, you can track both donated and new goods. You receive real-time updates on inventory levels and metrics. With dependable data, it’s easier to forecast sales and production trends. Complete inventory visibility could transform your organization.

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Success Stories

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, Inc

When Michelle, Senior Director of Retail for Goodwill Industries Central Florida, began searching for a new POS system, she wanted two things: faster checkout and better tracking/reporting. Their old system required manual entry for every item at checkout. The lack of tracking ability led to reports that were often 20-25% off.

After several months of researching new systems and interviewing vendors, Michelle chose Solutions ITW’s donated goods management system. With POS, Production, Inventory Management, and Dashboard implemented, GWCFL saw immediate changes.

Sales Increases

When asked about the value of Solutions DGMS, Michelle jumped straight to sales. Her stores are seeing consistently improved sales numbers, with highest sales days jumping an average of $2k. She directly attributes that to faster checkout with the new POS system.

Clear Reports

"The Dashboard is phenomenal." From processors to CEO, everyone in GWCFL loves the accurate numbers and clear reports from Dashboard. Processors get excited about seeing how they’re doing in real-time, and the CEO is “ecstatic” about all the data he can access.

With real numbers, there’s no hiding or questioning. Michelle and her leadership team have a clear picture of how each store is doing, so they can take the right steps to support them.

Saved Time

In addition to providing clarity, the easy reports from Solutions Dashboard are saving Michelle and her team hours every week. Michelle estimates that she is saving 4-5 hours a week in pulling reports and comparing numbers. That time can now go toward creating new growth for her stores.

GWCFL’s excellent results with Solutions DGMS perfectly illustrate the exponential power of the tools together. Any individual tool creates value, but when you combine them and leverage better solutions from start to finish, the improvements compound to transform your organization.

Goodwill Industries of Southern Rivers

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